You Would Not Want To Face Ronda Rousey In ‘Street Fighter II’

Ronda Rousey has dominated every opponent she’s faced in UFC, and although some think Holly Holm might not go down so easy at UFC 193 on Saturday, history says Ronda will dominate any human foolish enough to step into the cage with her. But what if they were video game fighters, capable of physically impossible feats, rather than mere mortals?

That’s the question asked by the video above, made by The Kicker, and the answer is, “Of course she would wreck them too.” Ryu, Zangief and Ken all take their shots, and none of them last five seconds. Seems about right.

The video is peppered with a bunch of little jokes that keep it fresh, the best of which might be the cursor hovering over the “No” button when asked to try again, only for Game-Rousey to taunt, “Don’t be a do-nothing b*tch.” Cruel but fair, Game-Rousey.

Let this be your reminder that UFC 193, starring the flesh-and-blood Ronda, is on Saturday night, and that a great way to psych yourself up for the event would be to play a bunch of fighting games. And remember to tune in, because who knows when we’ll get to see Rousey in the octagon after this.