Here’s Ronda Rousey How You’ve Never Seen Her Before: In Super Saiyan Mode

The recent trend of making athletes go Super Saiyan is one we can get behind wholeheartedly, because not only does it look awesome, it takes some real skill with software to put it together. We’re rewarding effort while we giggle at the thought of Ronda Rousey substituting the armbar for the Kamehameha Wave as her finishing move. She may not throw any in this clip, made by Reddit user noise_filter, but it doesn’t matter.

Besides, it makes far more sense to go Super Saiyan with fighting GIFs than basketball ones, as awesome as they may be. This is a Good Internet Thing. Guess that It’s Over 9000 shirt she wore at Wrestlemania had a truer meaning than we knew.

(P.S. — Peep the Master Roshi in the background of the last shot. Genius.)

(Via Reddit and Vine)