Jose Aldo Takes Out Frankie Edgar At UFC 200 To Become The Interim Featherweight Champion

Seven months ago, Conor McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo in 13 seconds, ending his reign of terror on the featherweight division. However, Conor’s unending flirtations with Nate Diaz in the welterweight division have left the 145erswithout a clear direction. Frankie Edgar demanded a title fight, and rightfully so — he’s been on a tear throughout the division, and Aldo, the demigod of featherweights, refused any fight that wasn’t for a belt. Now we’re here, with the top two featherweights outside of McGregor fighting for the interim strap and the right to face the Irishman.

The fight started just like their first meeting, with both men respecting the other on the feet. Feints and footwork were the order of the day, and Edgar landed lightly, but often until the first round ended with fireworks via a nasty Aldo knee. Aldo was loosening up.

Round 2 had both men landing big shots, but the real story was how sharp Jose looked. Frankie tried for multiple takedowns and each time Jose timed a counter perfectly. Heading into the third round, it could have been anyone’s fight, but the face check and Frankie bloody and Jose looking like a villain in his new goatee.

Round 3 was more of the same, with Frankie biting down on his mouthpiece and moving forward as blood poured from his nose. This fight was the best Jose has looked in a long time, and despite Frankie landing some good shots and going for some solid takedown attempts, Jose defended with aplomb. It was beautiful.

Round 4 saw Jose pick apart Frankie further as the former lightweight champion leaked from multiple cuts on his face. With McGregor watching like a hawk in the front row, everyone knew what was on the line. That’s why Frankie’s disappointment was palpable, with combinations and takedowns missing as Aldo expertly moved out of the way.

During round 5, Frankie Edgar became the first man in UFC history to log six hours of time in the Octagon. However, no matter how seasoned he is in the ring, Aldo was the better man in both of their fights. Joe Rogan said it best: Frankie didn’t look bad, Jose just looked superb.

After the fight, Jose jawed at Conor cage side. That fight is going to be bananas if we get this Jose.