Here’s How Dana White Reacted To Ronda Rousey’s Surprise WrestleMania Appearance

While Ronda Rousey was taking care of business at WrestleMania 31 on Sunday, Dana White was watching the whole thing in England and apparently loving every second of it.

Those wondering if perhaps WWE had pulled a ‘twofer’ and not only signed Brock Lesnar back, but stolen Ronda Rousey away, as well, worry not. This isn’t signalling the beginning of UFC fighters appearing in WWE. The two companies still treat each other like respected, but dangerous adversaries competing for the same fan dollars. This whole angle was a stunt put together to promote Furious 7 (coming out Friday April 3).

Rousey’s manager Brad Slater laid the situation out to MMA Fighting:

According to Slater, Rousey’s Wrestlemania appearance had been in the works for months, however, he said it was unclear whether she will actually compete in a future match.

“I’ve told you many times how I work with Dana [White],” Slater told’s Ariel Helwani in regards to whether the UFC knew about Rousey’s involvement in the show. “I always, always call him and make sure he is OK with anything we ever do in movies, television and otherwise.”

While the UFC is notoriously restrictive in general when it comes to their fighters participating in non-UFC shows, being a superstar like Ronda Rousey grants you special status. What’s good for Rousey is good for the UFC… so long as she doesn’t decide to pull a Brock and stick around in the squared circle for good. Or pull a Rock and just keep making movies.

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