UFC Fight Night 78 Predictions: Neil Magny Vs Kelvin Gastelum

Hello, fight fans. UFC Fight Night 78, also known as TUF Latin America 2 Finale is on Saturday, starting at 6:30PM ET with Fight Pass prelims. There are a lot of fights and a lot of unknown fighters, so let’s figure out who’s going to win!

Important Standings of Note:

Jessica: 515-356-6 (59 percent)
Burnsy: 512-325-6 (61 percent)
Vince: 234-155-2 (60 percent)
Ryan: 10-5-1 (66 percent)
Danny: 161-77-1 (67 percent)
Spilled: 86-68-2 (56 percent)
Sydnie: 16-12 (57 percent)
Chris: 46-18-2 (71 percent)
NY Ric: 36-26-1 (57 percent)
Ghost: 6-7 (46 percent)
Seth: 32-15 (68 percent)
Biss: 41-39-1 (51 percent)
Jared: 107-56-1 (66 percent)
Melanie: 44-23 (66 percent)
Fake Mike Goldberg: 21-16 (57 percent)

Lightweight – Valmir “Bidu” Lazaro vs Michel “Trator” Prazeres

Jessica: Lazaro is split when it comes to fighting dudes named James, which obviously has no impact here. Prazeres is a stumpy, grappley dude, while Lazaro is lanky and more kick-punch oriented. I’m taking Lazaro here to beat up Prazeres and get a TKO late in the third.

Burnsy: I’m still fried from last weekend. All of the think pieces rotted my brain and now I don’t know what to make of anything. The UFC should have a contingency plan for shocking upsets, even if I sort of half called it. Whatever, nothing is what it ever seemed, so my picks must change. My gut lies and so I choose against it and take Trator here. I mean, based on these guys’ records, this thing is going the distance so one of them is walking away with a decision win. Might as well be the more experienced guy.

Lightweight – Cesar “Goku” Arzamendia vs Polo “El Toro” Reyes

Jessica: Dude, c’mon. You think I’m going to pick against the guy named Goku? Get the fudge outta here. Goku shows off some underrated ground skills and submits Reyes in the second.

Burnsy: All I know about Reyes is that he’s inexperienced and his name, upon first glance, reads like Chicken the Bull. Goku it is.

Welterweight – Vernon Ramos vs Alvaro “Chango” Herrera

Jessica: Herrera looks a little like the non-union Mexican equivalent of Alan Jouban. He also hasn’t fought since 2012. I’m taking Ramos, who apparently is a fan of armlocks. Ramos taps “Chango” in the first.

Burnsy: Yeah, I don’t know much about either of these guys, but Ramos’s record indicates that he’s going to end this fight as quick as he can. Maybe he’s the next big submission badass.

Featherweight – Gabriel “Moggly” Benitez vs Andre “Touchy” Fili

Jessica: I gotta go with Fili. Any man that asks his twitter followers to tweet him pictures of pizza when he’s cutting weight under the “Eat One for Fili” campaign has to be my sentimental favorite. Fili nabs a gangly decision.

Burnsy: Fili’s a guy like Sam Alvey who I wish would get his act together and roll off some wins, because his personality makes him a very likable fighter. However, Moggly seems like he’s a more well-rounded fighter in his early UFC career. I’m picking Benitez but I want Fili to win.

Bantamweight – Alejandro “Diablito” Perez vs Scott “Young Guns” Jorgensen

Jessica: Poor Scotty. It’s probably time to hang the gloves up, buddy. Dude hasn’t won back to back fights since 2011. Eeesh. On the flip side, Perez is just on the mediocre side to make it interesting, but sadly, I don’t see Jorgz winning here. Perez takes a decision.

Burnsy: I got nothing against Scott “The Guy Whose Name Makes It Sound Like He’s Seated In The Next Cubicle” Jorgensen, but I don’t know how he has kept his job while the UFC is cutting “dead weight” elsewhere. If it weren’t for a gimme against Danny Martinez, he’d have lost his last six. Perez should win this easily.

Welterweight – Hector “El Toro” Urbina vs Bartosz “The Butcher” Fabinski

Jessica: One of these dudes lost a fight to Cathal Pendred. The other is nicknamed “The Butcher” and looks scary as heck. Fabinski wins by second round TKO.

Burnsy: I’m already underwhelmed by this card, but we fight on. Both guys are coming off wins in their UFC debuts, but I’ll take Urbina to end this one quick like he did against Edgar Garcia almost a year ago this weekend.

Bantamweight – Erik “Goyito” Perez vs Taylor “Double Impact” Lapilus

Jessica: Perez lost to Bryan Caraway, so “lol nope”. I’ll take Lapilus to knock out Goyito in the second.

Burnsy: If your nickname is Van Damme’s best movie, you get my pick.

Lightweight – Efrain “Hecho en Mexico” Escudero vs Leandro “Buscape” Silva

Jessica: I will never believe in Efrain Escudero, and nobody can make me. Silva TKOs him in the first round.

Burnsy: IMPORTANT NICKNAME PICK! Made in Mexico is great and all, but I love saying Buscape. BOOOOOOOOOOOSCAPAAAAAAAAAY! Try it, it’s a blast even if I’m mispronouncing it.

Lightweight – Horacio “The Punisher” Gutierrez vs Enrique “El Fuerte” Barzola

Jessica: Barzola won by submission at Inka 25: No To Racism, while Gutierrez was disqualified for fouling in his last bout. I’m taking the man that is clearly against racism. Barzola chokes out Gutierrez in the second.

Burnsy: What the heck is a Cuban-American virtuoso classical pianist doing in the UFC? Haha, all my piano bros get that one! ANYWHO, this Gutierrez has fought three times for promotions I’ve never heard of, while El Fuerte is also making his debut but also has a ton of experience elsewhere. I’ll take El Fuerte.

Welterweight – Erik “Perry” Montano vs Enrique “Wasabi” Marin

Jessica: Uh, I guess I’ll take the spicy guy. Wasabi Marin with a third round submission. Sure.

Burnsy: Of course the Lobster is taking Wasabi, who I assume is Guy Fieri’s favorite fighter. No thanks, Montano for me and everyone else outside of Flavortown.

Flyweight – Jussier Formiga vs Henry “The Messenger” Cejudo

Jessica: Formiga’s been put down by Joe B and Johnny D, but Cejudo has never shown that kind of power in his punches. Cejudo’s wrestling is usually good, but he does have a problem with his cardio. I think Formiga will make the fight tough long enough for Cejudo to gas, and then Jussier will snag a third round submission.

Burnsy: All right, two guys who have won their last three facing off in a crucial “next step” fight at Flyweight. Hold on a sec, is that? I think it’s… YES! That’s my undefeated fighter siren blasting into the afternoon sky, and we haven’t heard this beautiful noise in some time. Cejudo wins and improves to 10-0.

Featherweight – Ricardo “The Bully” Lamas vs Diego “The Dream” Sanchez

Jessica: Poor, poor Diego. Someone needs to take him aside and explain that he just needs to stop jumping brain first into punches. Lamas will probably out-grapple and out-strike Diego, all while looking like a tiny Robert De Niro. Lamas wins a decision since Sanchez is basically unstoppable (In that it’s nearly impossible to finish him).

Burnsy: I have to give the edge to Lamas, seeing as his last two losses have been to Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo, while Sanchez cut weight to start over and stop his string of bad luck losses. As long as Lamas can be patient and not let Sanchez play punch-for-punch, he should own this fight.

Welterweight – Neil Magny vs Kelvin Gastelum

Jessica: Oh man, I never thought there would come a day that I’m actually conflicted on this fight pick. Magny has been getting more and more impressive, and I think he can give Kelvin some serious problems. Magny’s reach, cardio, and pace are all super dangerous, while Gastelum’s grappling and top control are two of Neil’s biggest weaknesses. I think eventually Kelvin is going to land a big punch that floor Magny, and then Gastelum jumps on his back for the RNC finish. Gastelum submits Magny in the third.

Burnsy: I have so much respect for Magny, as he’s fighting for the 10th time in two years. That’s f*cking awesome. But Gastelum is still my No. 1 guy (tied with Gunnar Nelson until they soon meet and make me choose, OH DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!) and he’s coming off a win after that crap loss to Tyron Woodley in a fight that should have been postponed. Gastelum is going to continue his rise to the top with a win.

Performance of the Night

Jessica: Ramos, Silva

Burnsy: Perez, Gastelum

Fight of the Night

Jessica: Gastelum vs Magny

Burnsy: Formiga vs Cejudo