This UFC Referee Stopped The Fight Of The Night Early, But Neither Fighter Cared

Light heavyweights Sean “The Real OC” O’Connell and Steve “The Boss” Bossé put on what’s probably the fight of the night for UFC Fight Night 89 in Ottawa on Saturday. They beat each other up for nearly the entire fifteen minutes. I say entirely because referee Herb Dean, who’s usually a pretty solid hand in the cage, stopped the fight a good four seconds before the horn sounded. Not that Bossé or O’Connell minded, as they high fived immediately afterwards.

As for the outcome of the bout, Bossé won a unanimous decision, 29-28 on two score cards and 29-27 from one judge. This is despite the fact that O’Connell felled him like a stately Quebec tree in the first round, nearly finishing the bout.

That was the only moment in the fight that could have netted someone a 10-8 round, but somehow, those brave Canadian judges managed to not only see that minor bout of unconsciousness as a mild inconvenience for Bosse, but also one judge gave him a 10-8 round, presumably in the second.

Regardless of the outcome, both men should hold their heads very high. They put on an amazing performance, and hopefully are rewarded handsomely with a Fight of the Night bonus.