The Bloody Details Of This ‘Ultimate Fighter’ Winner’s Arrest Include Kicking Men In The Balls

The Ultimate Fighter season 18 winner Julianna Pena has had a very strange ride to the UFC, and it just keeps getting stranger. Pena never seemed to be able to get along with the other women on the show and ended up being a lone wolf. After winning the competition, her UFC debut was delayed a year after a knee injury during training. That kind of thing happens, but what doesn’t happen is accusations that the person who injured you did it on purpose and “basically attacked you.” Which is how her injury got described to UFC president Dana White and the media.

It turns out the fighter who ‘attacked’ her was bantamweight Josh Gow. Interestingly enough, he plays a key part in the following story about Julianna Pena getting arrested over the weekend. Here’s Deadspin’s take on it:

UFC fighter Julianna Pena was arrested yesterday in Spokane, Washington, after, according to police, a bar refused to let her and her bloodied friend, fellow fighter Joshua Gow, use their bathroom to clean up because they were closing. Upset by this, witnesses told police, she kicked two different men in the groin. Gow also rubbed his bloody face on the bar’s front window, the police reports said.

According to the report, Pena kicked an employee in the groin after being refused entry and then the owner of the bar in the groin twice after he backed his employee up. Pena was arrested shortly after, while Gow was not.

I’m sure more details will come out of this case, and maybe Pena’s side of the story will somehow justify her punting off on men’s private parts. But it’s just another example of Pena getting into strange confrontations that seem to defy rational explanation. The fact that this happened alongside Gow, the training partner she originally accused of intentionally hurting her in training, just makes it weirder.

(Via Deadspin)