Wanderlei Silva Wants To Slap Conor McGregor For What He Said About Jesus

Violent MMA pioneer Wanderlei Silva isn’t the first person from Brazil to describe Conor McGregor’s one punch knockout of Jose Aldo as “lucky”, but he’s definitely the most vehement of the group. And he added a whole bunch of extra smack on top of that regarding Conor McGregor’s disrespect of Jesus.

Back before McGregor and Aldo fought, a TMZ cameraman cheekily asked McGregor who would win between the Irishman and our lord and savior in a cagematch.

“Me versus Jesus in the Octagon? I tell you what, there’s not a man alive that can beat me … but Jesus ain’t alive so I don’t f**king know. Maybe he can come back from the dead, I don’t know. I’d still whoop his ass.”

It may surprise you that the man known as ‘The Axe Murderer’ is a devout Christian, and he really wasn’t impressed with Conor’s win or religious comments. Here’s a translation of a recent Facebook video he posted:

“Everybody saw it was an accident, this asshole was lucky. And when I meet this guy, for everything he said about Jesus, I will slap this motherf**ker in the face. You can’t do that. You can’t play with our God. When I meet you, raise your hand because you’re getting slapped in the face, you punk.”

If Wanderlei sounds like he’s spoiling for a fight, it’s probably because he is. The guy hasn’t stepped into the cage since 2013, and has been embroiled in a legal battle over his right to fight since running from a drug test leading up to a now-cancelled fight with Chael Sonnen. The Nevada State Athletic Commission handed Silva a lifetime ban, but that was overturned this summer by a judge who rightfully saw the punishment as another example of serious over-reach.

Wanderlei may actually try to smack McGregor if they run into each other. He’s proven in the past that he’s more than willing to back his talk up and confront those that displease him. Here he is on The Ultimate Fighter Brazil getting in Chael Sonnen’s face and starting a fight:

It didn’t end up too well for Wanderlei, and there’s a good chance it’d end similarly for the aged legend if he did take on the lightning fast Irishman. But with his days of fighting in the cage apparently behind him, Wanderlei may be more than willing to duke it out on the streets. Watch your back, Conor McGregor!

(via MMA Fighting)