A Comprehensive Breakdown Of The Trailer For ‘Furious 7’

The first trailer for the seventh film in the Fast & Furious franchise, Furious 7, was released over the weekend. Set to open next April, the film will apparently pick up where the previous installment left off — not a given by any means with this series, which brought Han back to life for films 4-6 after sending him to the great race for pink slips in the clouds at the end of Tokyo Drift. This time, Furious 7 sends our beloved gang of street-racing-criminals-cum-international-do-gooders on the hunt for Han’s killer, the brother of Fast 6‘s British antagonist, Owen Shaw. The trailer gives us a little insight into how all of this will shake down, but mostly, appropriately, to a degree that made me so giddy that I watched it somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 times in 48 hours, it is almost three full minutes of non-stop action.

And this is all you are getting in the form of an introduction because SKYDIVING CARS.

Yup, the trailer opens with an extended action sequence from the film that itself opens with everyone reversing out of a cargo plane inside cars that have been hooked up to parachutes. This raises a number of interesting questions, like “Why?” and “How?” and “Whaaaaa?” and “But how do they even control the parachutes to make sure the cars land where they’re supposed to?” It also serves as a nice reminder that asking questions like this is a fool’s errand. This is a franchise that ended its most recent film with a 13-minute scene in which neon Hondas chased down an airplane on a runway that would have had to be something like 25 miles long for the whole thing to be anything resembling plausible, and which culminated in Vin Diesel driving a car through the nose of the exploding plane as it crashed back to Earth. Cars can skydive now. It’s best if you just accept that. Check that: it’s best if you embrace it. It will open you up to a world of wonder.

Anyway, the skydiving cars all land safely on a two-lane, tree-lined road in the mountains, and our heroes begin chasing after a large black bus. But it’s not just any bus. Oh, no. No it is not.


This development brings up two important points:

  • Machine Gun Bus is now officially my second favorite Fast & Furious mode of transportation, ranking only behind the military vehicle from Fast 6 that was secretly carrying a large, fully operational tank that proceeded to careen into oncoming traffic and smush about dozen cars, all of which were presumably driven by human beings who died horrible, splattery deaths that the film casually brushed aside so as not to interfere with its remaining hour or so of The Rock blowing sh*t up. “Uh, guys. They got a tank.” You said it, Ludacris.
  • It’s fun to picture this bus as, like, the tour bus for Mumford & Sons.

Moving along.