Anna Kendrick Was Distracted By Her Cleavage While Watching One Of Her Most Famous Movie Scenes

Anna Kendrick doesn’t use Twitter as often as she used to (if only we were all so lucky), but when she does, it’s a delight. “As an anemic little rodent, can I just ask: are there iron supplements that don’t taste like I’m swallowing a dirty penny?” the Alice, Darling actress recently tweeted, eliciting a response from none other than Russell Crowe. Kendrick also discovered the one fun thing about having her Twitter account hacked, and of course there’s the Ryan Gosling tweet. Most Oscar-nominated performers wouldn’t joke about wanting to masturbate during, like, Crazy, Stupid, Love or Blue Valentine (weird choice!), and maybe she wouldn’t 10 years later. Then again, the first thing she says in her Vanity Fair “Anna Kendrick Rewatches…” video is about her cleavage, so you never know.

In the video, Kendrick revisits scenes from her own movies, including Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, the Twilight series, and Pitch Perfect. “I’m distracted by my cleavage,” she admitted while the “Cups” scene (feel free to make your own “more like [boob size] cups” joke) from the a cappella comedy is playing. “Can I say that? Is that weird?”

Kendrick also admitted that “Cups” — which reached number six on the US Billboard Hot 100 — is “a weird nails on chalkboard thing” for her. And has been since at least 2015.

You can watch the video above.