Anna Kendrick Tweets About Masturbating During A Gosling Movie, Is Still The Best At Social Media

A month ago I urged everyone and their sister to develop a crush on my girl Anna Kendrick by going full stalker on her geektastic Instagram account, and now I’m back to pridefully announce that she continues to support my endorsement by still being the best at social media.

AK’s latest tweet (below) manages to touch on theater-going, censorship, and Ryan Gosling’s film career, all while outing herself as a 21st century Peggy Olson, or something like that…

We’ve all been there sweetheart, we’ve all been there. I think my favorite part though is that she hinted at these thoughts on Twitter just a few months back, even referencing her “scumbag brain” like the late night internet dweller she is…

Moral of the story: Anna Kendrick is your new pretend girlfriend.

Via The Clearly Dope. Banner via Instagram.