Anna Kendrick Got Real On What Was More Grueling Than Actually Filming ‘Alice, Darling’: ‘Why Do I Feel So Sh*tty?’

Anna Kendrick stars in Alice, Darling, which arrives in theaters on January 19. The Up In The Air star previously disclosed how she had serendipitously received the script amid the wreckage of an abusive partnership, and the film’s unnerving trailer checks out. The story follows a woman who’s struggling to survive within an emotionally abusive relationship, and her friends (played by Wunmi Mosaku and Kaniehtiio Horn) start to realize that things are tragically amiss during one of their birthday weekends.

The movie promises to be an intense (and likely triggering) viewing experience, and Kendrick surely relived some agony while filming. She previously revealed how her own friends (including Aubrey Plaza) helped her see the light, despite the nature of how these types of relationship make one not want to see the light. And as Anna spoke with IndieWire, she made an admission: this press tour has been as much if not more of a grueling experience as the work itself. In particular, she discussed a rapid-fire day of interviews that left her feeling completely “sh*tty.” Here’s what happened:

“I’, actually finding that the press is the thing that has been a little trickier to navigate, making sure that I’m OK and feeling safe in my body…. There was a thing early on where I was doing like a junket-style day for ‘Alice, Darling’ where it’s like six minutes per person and you kind of run through like 30 interviews really quickly, and I went home and was in the shower and was like, ‘Why do I feel so shitty right now?,'” Kendrick said. “And I sort of told everyone, ‘I don’t think I can do another thing like that.'”

Those types of junkets are exhausting when promoting a lighthearted project, so one can only imagine how draining it was to relive emotional abuse over and over again within one day. Yikes. Some films are best promoted in a 1-on-1, carefully scheduled setting. With naps. Lots of naps. I’m perhaps sounding too “dark” while discussing this subject, too, but sometimes, looking for sleep is all that one can do to cope. Hopefully, Anna’s on the mend for real, and she can recover while moving onto her directorial debut, which is also about grim subject matter. Again, naps!

(Via IndieWire)