This Week In Posters: ‘Pride And Prejudice And Zombies’ (And Iron Man And Michael Caine)

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12.01.15 19 Comments
I bet the animators and producers like to flatter themselves and say, “Our CGI Alvin & the Chipmunks, it was a little scary to older folks at first because of how realistic they look!”

The truth is that it’s not so much the realism that’s off-putting, it’s the fact that their eyes look like your neighbor who’s been up all night cooking meth trying to tell you about this really great idea he just had. Also, have we considered that realism might not be the goal in a film about anthropomorphic singing chipmunks? I’m glad I don’t have kids and I can avoid these freaky tweakers.

“Everybody’s back for a fresh cut” seems a little redundant when the movie is called “The Next Cut,” no? On the plus side, this is the most life-like I think I’ve ever seen Nicki Minaj look. I believe she’s wearing stretchy flag pants. Is it because her famous butt symbolizes the American Dream? Discuss.

Also, I’m still not comfortable with Ice Cube smiling pleasantly at me. C’mon, Cube, one more mean mug for old times sake? Strangely, I liked him best when I thought he might murder me.

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