Clark Gregg Wants A ‘Black Widow’ Movie And Toys

Clark Gregg, better known to those in the Marvel universe as Agent Coulson, was recently asked about the lack of Black Widow merchandise at an #ABCStudioTour event in London. While Agent Carter‘s Hayley Atwell was much more forgiving of the situation, Gregg pulled no punches and called a spade a spade. Via Bleeding Cool:

“It’s unacceptable, that’s the shortest answer I can come up with.”

He talked about his own now-13 year old daughter’s reluctance to watch the Agents of SHIELD TV show until she got into the character of Skye played by Chloe Bennett. He sees change as the industry and the fans taking two steps together rather than one responding to another.

And Gregg concluded saying “as soon as Agent Romanov gets her own stand alone film, which she deserves, more of that merchandise will be forthcoming.”

Damn straight she deserves her own movie! Her and Hawkeye were just about the coolest thing in the first Avengers, and then Marvel used her effectively to shore up the cast of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Despite that, Marvel hasn’t really capitalized on the character’s popularity. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait long for some cool Black Widow toys, though.

(via Bleeding Cool)