This Awesome Dad Built His Daughter A Real-Life Speeder Bike From ‘Star Wars’

Rocking horses are cool, but you’re going to wish you could have a do-over of your childhood when you see what one dad made for his little girl. It’s a speeder bike from Return of the Jedi, and this 1-year-old is the coolest kid being chased by imperial forces on Endor right now. And the man who thought this entire thing up doesn’t want your kids missing out (or you, if you want to go a little bigger), so he’s made the instructions available for everyone to use and even posted a video of what the project looked like while being assembled. (Come for the equipment shots, stay for the adorable video of the baby rocking.)

Fair warning: Anything that looks this cool is going to take a lot of time. So, prepare to throw things at the wall and swear a lot if you’re going to attempt this.

(Via Instructables)