These Taylor Swift Superfans Got Married, And Taylor ‘Crashed’ The Wedding

Two Taylor Swift super-fans got hitched on the Philadelphia stop of her tour on Friday night. Katy Harris and Chris Eisenman adore Swift so much that they planned to get married on Taylor’s 25th birthday last December. Their plans fell apart, and so they then did the next best thing.

Harris pulled the wedding gown out of her closet and wore it to the Swift concert. She and Eisenman said their vows in the parking lot in front of family and friends. The newlyweds then entered the venue to watch the show. Harris explained on Instagram why Eisenman was a dream husband:

As I was making our homemade outfits for Taylor (as I have done every two years when she comes to town) a joke about wearing my gown to the concert turned into us driving to Philly to get a marriage license and planning a ceremony outside of Lincoln Financial Field right before walking into the concert in our tux and gown! We kept it a secret for the most part until today! If you know anything about me its probably how I have been obsessed with Taylor since I first heard her in 2006. Chris has been very supportive and could even put most girls to shame going word for word on any of her albums (including deluxe editions) So naturally how could I ever give him up?! He is an incredible person and an amazing fiance! #wearenuts #hatersgonnahate #1989 #swifties #tagtaylor

A quick glance at Harris’ Instagram page reveals her obsession with Swift. Eisenman supports her all the way, so they sound perfect together. As an added bonus, Taylor’s mom found them in the crowd and invited the newlyweds backstage. The couple was thrilled to let Taylor “crash” their wedding, and they now have the best wedding photos ever.

(via MTV)