Guess How Many Explosions Per Minute There Were In ‘Transformers’

As we all know, Michael Bay loves explosions. But how much does he love explosions? Somebody sat down to help us do the math.

As you can see in this two-minute video, which is basically the whole movie on fast-forward with an explosions counter, there are 208 explosions in Transformers. The movie’s total running time is 144 minutes, but we shouldn’t include the credits, which are eight minutes or so. No, seriously. Somebody posted them to YouTube, so we’ve got a rough length. That leaves us with a total running time of 136 minutes, which works out to… approximately 1.53 explosions per minute.

What’s especially strange about this is, as hard as it is to believe, this movie does have some moments where there are not explosions. So essentially, whenever Michael Bay does blow things up, he really does explode everything in the frame. Maybe he’s worried that we’d pay attention to the plot, otherwise?