J.K. Rowling Makes One ‘Harry Potter’ Fan’s Dreams Come True On Twitter

jk rowling tattoo

The Harry Potter series, both novels and films, may be over (except for when they aren’t), but J.K. Rowling isn’t done with her friends. She’s continued to be active on Twitter, and for someone as exceptionally busy and famous as she is, and interacts with her fans regularly in meaningful ways.

One Twitter user named Kate had a really moving moment with the Hogwarts creator today, after she reached out to Rowling with a special request. After a history of being bullied and self-harm, Kate reached out to Rowling asking for her to write out the magic words, “Expecto Patronum,” in order to get them tattooed on her wrist as a reminder to take care of herself.

It’s hard not to be moved by that kind of vulnerability, and apparently the appeal moved Rowling as well. She responded quickly and with kind words and the requested spell.

Kate handled the response with about as much chill as can be expected when one interacts with their heroes.

Because sometimes the Internet is the worst, Kate was attacked by plenty of trolls for her public admission, but she seems to be taking it in stride.

Here’s hoping Kate stays positive and continues to deal with her emotional baggage in a healthy way, and that Rowling remains one of the kindest superstars around.

(Via Twitter)