The ‘Joker’ Sequel And Maybe ‘Harley Quinn’ Are The Only DC Projects That Look Safe At Warner Bros. Discovery Right Now

As Warner Bros. Discovery attempts to “reset” the DC Extended Universe following the sudden shelving of Batgirl, more and more insider sources continue to paint a picture of chaos behind the scenes. It’s to the point where very few DC Comics project are looking safe right now. According to a new report, the Joker sequel starring Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga is the only film that’s actually greenlight right now. Everything else is in development, and there’s no guarantee of the projects moving forward. That includes The Batman sequel, which is no longer a sure thing despite the first Robert Pattinson installment delivering a solid hit for Warner Bros. during the pandemic.

Via Variety:

Writer-director Matt Reeves is on track for a sequel with star Robert Pattinson, but the project remains in development and does not yet have a greenlight — any future film is years away. Several other DC properties have been in development as feature films, some for years — “Wonder Woman 3” (with Patty Jenkins directing), “Superman” (with Ta-Nehisi Coates writing), “Zatanna” (with Emerald Fennell writing) and “Static Shock” (with Michael B. Jordan producing) — but there haven’t been any substantive updates on these films since news of them first broke. (A spokesperson for Warner Bros. declined to comment for this story.)

The situation looks even more grim over on the HBO Max side. While Variety reports that Harley Quinn seems to be safe thanks to its large following (Although, again, the situation is very fluid), Doom Patrol and Titans are most likely headed for cancellation. Any previously announced series like J.J. Abrams Justice League Dark are not looking good either as the Batgirl fiasco made it clear that anything DC-related has a target on its back right now.

(Via Variety)