‘Titans’ Star Vincent Kartheiser Was Reportedly Investigated For His Behavior On Set

Mad Men alum Vincent Kartheiser’s latest gig on the DC show Titans has apparently sparked several investigations into his behavior behind the scenes. The show, currently airing on HBO Max, filmed its third season in Toronto with Kartheiser as a recent addition to the cast. But his time as Scarecrow has apparently made for a rocky foray into the DC canon for himself and others behind the scenes.

According to Deadline, his behavior on set while filming Titans apparently sparked several investigations into his conduct following “outbursts” that eventually required someone monitor him while on set, among other complaints.

According to sources, the first investigation into a complaint, said to be about verbal comments and outbursts, concluded that Kartheiser’s behavior didn’t rise to level of termination but did warrant corrective action. The actor was verbally reprimanded by the studio, I hear.

Weeks later, near the end of Season 3 production, WBTV received a second complaint that also was investigated. This time, it resulted in the studio assigning a representative to monitor Kartheiser while he was on set, sources said.

I hear there were other claims about alleged misconduct by Kertheiser raised in the complaints that were also investigated but were not corroborated, sources said.

A spokesperson for Kartheiser denied any wrongdoing associated with the investigations, though admitting that Warners did look into the claims and explained their “expectations for behavior on the set, and he agreed to comply with their directives.” But Deadline noted that despite Kartheiser’s major role in the season, he isn’t currently promoting the show and doesn’t appear on posters for the new season. It’s also thought that Kartheiser will not return if there’s a fourth season of the show, so whatever happened was more than enough to make his time in the DC Universe over for now.

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