Amy Heckerling Would Love Katy Perry To Be In Her ‘Clueless’ Musical

Katy Perry Super Bowl
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Clueless, the 1995 film written and directed by Amy Heckerling, is a fairly average movie. It’s overly broad and so focused on catchphrases and idiosyncratic dialogue that it becomes a bit of a convoluted mess. Also, there is a good chance that, upon reading those first two sentences, flames are shooting out of your eyes, because people love Clueless. Good for you, everybody! You’re the reason a Clueless musical is in the works right now. Heckerling and Rock of Ages director Kristin Hanggi are in the process of getting the musical ready for Broadway, and, if Heckerling has her druthers, a big pop star would be part of the cast.

Namely, Heckerling told Vulture that she wants Katy Perry to step in to the role of Cher, played reasonably well by Alicia Silverstone in the motion picture, in the good old days before she was Batgirl. “I love Katy Perry, but you never know what will happen. She has a whole big schedule,” said Heckerling.

It’s true. Perry made more money than any other female artist this year thanks, primarily, to her super popular tour. As such, asking her to spend a good chunk of time working on a Clueless musical is probably asking too much. Also, she’s not really an actor, despite what two Smurfs movies and a cameo as herself on The Simpsons might argue. Oh, and she’s 31, and Cher is a teenaged child (though, Stacey Dash was 28 when she accepted her role as Dionne).

Basically, despite Heckerling’s wishes, it seems exceedingly unlikely that Perry will portray Cher on the Great White Way. It’s probably for the best, though. Eventually, somebody will get the role, and all you people who like the movie can have your opinions. Have fun with that!

(Via Vulture, h/t Billboard)