Melissa McCarthy Is Onboard With An All-Female ‘Ghostbusters’ Sequel

Last week, it was rumored that Melissa McCarthy was the frontrunner for an all-lady Ghostbusters 3, which right now will be directed by Paul Feig, her director for Bridesmaids, The Heat, and the upcoming Spy. Whether or not she could actually do it with her busy shooting schedule was the question.

So on Monday, when McCarthy “surprised” Ellen DeGeneres on her show to promote Spy (video above), Ellen asked that question:

“What’s happening with Ghostbusters? Are you doing Ghostbusters? There’s word that you’re doing Ghostbusters.”

“I’m available, I’ve had run-ins with ghosts and even if I haven’t, I’ll say I have. I’m available for auditioning.”

McCarthy is already committed to shoot the Universal comedy Michelle Darnell, which is directed by her husband Ben Falcone. In addition to that, there’s also her sitcom Mike and Molly to contend with as far as schedules go. The hope is that if she really wants to team up with Feig again, they’ll find a way to work around her availability issues.

Jillian Bell and Emma Stone are also rumored to be auditioning for the film, and while both those ladies (and McCarthy) are excellent, I’d hope that the “new Ghostbusters” lineup wouldn’t be so very white. Perhaps they can get around that by casting only women for literally every role in the movie.

Via ComicBookMovie