Michael Jackson And Jane Fonda Used To Skinny Dip Together

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When you think of the King of Pop Michael Jackson, you could think of a lot things — a LOT of things. But of all the things you could conjure up, you probably wouldn’t think of him as a casanova. Apparently, we were all wrong — at least to veteran of the silver screen Jane Fonda.

The Hollywood Reporter
, as a part of their ongoing Hollywood Masters series, interviewed Fonda about a wide range of topics when seemingly, out of the blue, the fallen pop icon came up. She explained that MJ was enjoying a vacation at Katharine Hepburn’s temporary home while she filmed On Golden Pond, and the two started to share a fondness for each other.

“[He] came and stayed for 10 days,” recalled the actress, whose new movie, Youth, opens Dec. 4. “And when I first asked [Hepburn] permission she was not happy. Then the crew said, ‘You don’t understand. It’s Michael Jackson!’ We lived together. I went skinny dipping with him — also, by the way, with Greta Garbo.”

For those wondering, Greta Garbo would have been about 76 years old at the time. So, you’ve got a young Michael Jackson on the precipice of Thriller, Jane Fonda maybe at the critical apex of her career, and a septuagenarian screen legend all nude hanging out in a pool together.

That is… quite the picture. To be fair to Michael, he was also linked at the time to Brooke Shields, but she claimed that he was hesitant to pull the trigger and date her. So there you have it, folks: Michael Jackson, notorious ladykiller! (and nothing else, please don’t google.)

(via THR)