Mickey Rourke’s Boxing Match Was Allegedly Fixed And There Might Be Proof

On Friday night, actor and sometimes boxer Mickey Rourke, 62, defeated Elliot Seymour in a match many believe was fixed. At one point during the fight, Rourke faked an injury (heart attack?) before landing a “devastating” left hook.

Today the Daily News released information about 29-year-old Elliot Seymour, the man who lost the bout. In short, Seymour has fallen on hard times and has been homeless for 18 months.

‘It was clearly a fixed fight. The whole bouncing off the ropes, hands down, punches were not landing and they were intentionally hitting each other’s gloves.

‘There are people at Wild Card gym who know that Elliot’s in a really terrible situation and pretty much living on the streets, these are Mickey Rourke’s people who Elliot’s been around and known for some time.

The anonymous family member added:

‘All these headlines Mickey Rourke beat someone half his age… yeah he did but you’re not telling them the real story, the real story is he’s homeless and desperate and he will probably go back to living on the streets when he gets back. People have no clue about that.

‘There’s so much more to the situation than people know, and there’s so much that’s more important than the fact it was fixed, which is the fact he doesn’t have a home and he’s got some mental health issues.

Elliot has written about his situation on Facebook, not shy to confront the homelessness issue. So that part of the story is definitely true. As to whether he received money to take a dive in this fight? Well if a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is this “knockout” GIF worth?

(Via The Daily Mail)