All The Movies And TV Shows Coming To And Disappearing From Netflix In September

08.31.15 3 years ago 17 Comments


Fans of the ’80s will have some tasty gems to chew upon when the new updates hit Netflix streaming in September, specifically the original Rambo trilogy, but there’s even more to be happy about with the first four seasons of the acclaimed Person of Interest rolling out during the next month. Seasons of Gotham and Portlandia will also be cause for celebration for those of the binge-watching ilk. Check out the full list of everything coming to Netflix in September, plus all the titles disappearing from the streaming service in the next month.

Masters of the Universe (9/1)

This He-Man adaptation is full of cheese, but there’s no denying that for ’80s babies, this was a bonafide classic. Now that it’s coming to Netflix, you can relive the horrors of your childhood with this incredibly silly He-Man film. Still, it holds a place in many of our hearts.

The Monster Squad (9/1)

It’s the film that introduced “The Wolfman’s got nards” into the lexicon of all prepubescent children. Part Goonies, part Ghostbusters, it was every kid from the ’80s dream to be a part of a group of youngsters battling the likes of every Universal monster out there. Thank God that the remake was cancelled, because this one is better left untouched.

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