David Spade Details The Times Phil Hartman Threatened To Put A Bullet In Rob Schneider’s Head

Saturday Night Live
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On Wednesday’s Howard Stern Show, somewhat frequent guest David Spade dropped by to talk about his upcoming Netflix movie with Adam Sandler, The Do-Over, out later this month. But as things tend to happen, the two got caught up reminiscing about Spade’s time at Saturday Night Live, partially fueled by stories from his recent memoir, Almost Interesting.

Specifically, Stern asked Spade about certain parts of his memoir that basically confirm what a lot of people have assumed about Rob Schneider maybe being kind of a weasel. Although Spade says that the two now-longtime friends have worked past their issues — and that to his credit Schneider did give his blessing to dredge things up from the past for the book — things were not always rosy between the two of them. Due to competition in the writers room, on more than one occasion Schneider sabotaged Spade in numerous ways — such as turning in scripts they had both worked on with only his name on it, or by “forgetting” to invite Spade to meetings.

But perhaps the most interesting anecdote comes at the end of the interview segment (at the 6:30 mark, to be precise) when Stern brings up a story apparently not contained in Spade’s memoir, about the time Schneider ran afoul of Phil Hartman. Hartman, who has been described by those who knew him as the “nicest guy in the world,” once physically threw Rob Schneider up against a wall and threatened to put a bullet in his head over an incident regarding an intern for “Weekend Update.”

Apparently the intern was a family friend and Hartman had gotten her the job, but the fact that she also happened to be an attractive co-ed didn’t sit well with Schneider’s girlfriend at the time, so he fired her… without Hartman’s consent. Unfortunately it didn’t change anything, because according to Spade, the poor girl never did get her college credit.

You can listen to the whole thing here: