If ‘Deadpool’ Doesn’t Work Out, Ryan Reynolds Does An Amazing ‘Trailer Guy’ Voice

02.07.16 2 years ago

That crazy, wacky Ryan Reynolds. He’s a man of many talents. And with Deadpool set to bring another taste of Marvel mania into all of our lives in only a matter of days, he’s out on the talk-show circuit and laying on the charm.

Would you believe he’s great at voiceovers too? Of course you would. But it’s the specificity of this particular case that really makes it stand out.

Reynolds took a seat on The Graham Norton Show this week alongside fellow movie stars Will Smith and Catherine Zeta-Jones. When Norton asked him about his experience narrating trailers, Reynolds unveiled his best “movie-trailer guy” voice and buy, was it outstanding.

The movie for which he was narrating the trailer wound up being somewhat inappropriate (Inside Graham Norton’s Pants was where Reynolds went and for his part, Smith enthusiastically endorsed the possibility of seeing such a flick) but the voice was spot on. So not such a big deal that our voice over masters are all passing away here one at a time. We have plenty of backups out there.

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