SDCC 2015 Featured Some Of The Fiercest Child Cosplayers Out There

If there’s one thing the universe will never tire of, it’s people in costume. San Diego Comic-Con 2015 had plenty of adults dressing up as their favorite characters, but what about the multitude of kids that swarmed the convention halls in July? Kendra Pettis was on the scene and spoke to several small hordes of children dressed as war boys, Street Fighter characters and one very determined little boy cosplaying a character from The Walking DeadWait, that kid’s not watching that show, is he? Do his parents have money for that much therapy?

As Bleeding Cool points out, this video may actually be showing us that parents let their kids “watch the most inappropriate shows” more than anything else. But who cares when it also has the most adorable Chun-Li in the world? Just ignore the fact that she seems a little less excited than she could be.

(Via Bleeding Cool)