Scarlett Johansson Reveals How She ‘Manifested’ Her ‘Jurassic World’ Role With The Help Of Jimmy Fallon

Manifesting is real if you know how to do it. Ariana Grande manifested her Wicked role over a decade before being cast in the film, while Austin Butler manifested his Oscar nom through a High School Musical spinoff movie, so every little bit counts! Scarlett Johansson has been seemingly and subconsciously manifesting her Jurassic Park role since she was a little kid… and it only took a quick chat with Jimmy Fallon to realize it.

Johansson stopped by The Tonight Show on Monday to promote her new movie Fly Me To The Moon, but her upcoming leading role in the next Jurassic World movie was obviously mentioned. Johansson is set to star in a new installment in the Jurassic universe, taking the reins from Chris Pratt & co. Now, Fallon is taking all the credit for her big casting news after she mentioned her childhood love of Jurassic Park the last time she was on The Tonight Show.

“Once you came onto the show, we were talking abut your favorite gift, and you said it was a Jurassic Park Pup Tent… now you are starring in the new Jurassic World movie,” Fallon began, to which the actress replied, “I think we manifested it on the show. It’s kind of crazy.”

Johansson explained, “This was pre-Jurassic casting, and I said I asked for a Jurassic Park Tent when I was like seven. And now I am in the new Jurassic World. I think we manifested it!”

In November, Johansson stopped by The Tonight Show to talk Christmas gifts (obviously) and she mentioned the Jurassic Park-themed tent. “My favorite thing I ever got. I slept in for like six months, in my bedroom on the floor,” she said. “That was enough for the universe to offer Johansson another great gift: a leading role in a popular franchise. Luckily, she’s been down that road before, so she will be able to handle it.

Check out the clip below: