Ben Stiller Returns To ‘SNL’ With Owen Wilson To Talk Politics As Zoolander

For Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, reprising their roles as Derek Zoolander and Hansel McDonald in 2lander must be a blast (whether the movie’s any good is another matter). They get to Blue Steel with Elton John, which isn’t as dirty as it sounds; crash Paris Fashion Week; and, best of all, murder Justin Bieber. I’ve always said, when you have the opportunity to make a big budget movie where you get to kill Bieber, especially when he spoils his cameo, you take it.

Billy Zane is pretty stoked, too.

Last night, the male models dropped by “Weekend Update” on SNL to talk politics. They confused Ted Cruz with Tom Cruise, compared Hillary Clinton’s wardrobe to Kim Jong-un’s, and praised Donald Trump, with his “classic male model looks.” They have Blue Steel; he has Orange Mocha Crapaccino. Zoolander also burned Bern Your Enthusiasm‘s Bernie Sanders for being a “champion of the 99 percent… apparently the 99 percent off at J.C. Penny’s.”

It’s not the first time Stiller, who was briefly a cast member on SNL in the late 1980s, has appeared as Zoolander on “Weekend Update.” He also did so in 2011, as Stefon’s “new friend.” Bill Hader was unfortunately nowhere to be found this time around, but maybe he’ll back when Stiller decides he wants to kill someone from One Direction in Zoolander 3.

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