The Red Band Trailer For ‘Stretch’ Looks Like A Tour Of L.A. On PCP

In yesterday’s tribute to the crossroads of A-list celebrities and capitalism, I made passing mention of a prediction that Patrick Wilson is poised to become a breakout leading man within the next year or so, for no reason other than this dude seems to be showing up in everything lately. After supporting roles in films like Watchmen and The A-Team – as well as one rad GAP commercial – he made the jump to star in Insidious and The Conjuring, and he has quite the list of films set for release, including the Katherine Heigl anti-romcom Home Sweet Hell and Joe Carnahan’s latest batshit party for the eyeballs, Stretch, which stars Wilson as a limo driver in some deep doodie.

Wilson and Carnahan are reteaming for the first time since the enjoyably cartoonish A-Team movie, and Stretch looks like they’re taking the star-studded insanity of the director’s previous semi-psychotic action romp Smokin’ Aces on the road and turning things up a notch. The very, very NSFW red band trailer for Stretch basically looks like Carnahan viewed every Los Angeles stereotype on acid, then viewed them again on PCP, and tied them all together with Wilson’s limo driver, an eccentric and homicidal billionaire played by Chris Pine and Brooklyn Decker being the sexiest woman on Earth. This is either going to be absurdly wonderful or hilariously terrible. Either way, I couldn’t be more excited.