Who Is Tessa Thompson Playing In ‘Thor: Ragnarok?’

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04.12.16 11 Comments

Natalie Portman won’t be coming back to the Thor franchise, so there’s an opening. And Tessa Thompson of Creed fame appears to be stepping in for the female lead. Fascinatingly, though, Thompson won’t be limited to one Marvel movie.

Thompson’s character is allegedly a “kind of superhero” and will be popping up elsewhere in Marvel’s movies. So that leads to the next question: Who’s she playing?

Carol Danvers

Captain Marvel is, by far, the most obvious nominee here. Kevin Feige has already admitted we’ll know who the cast and filmmaker will be by this summer. That also happens to be when filming for Thor: Ragnarok starts. If you want somebody who can fight in space and alternate realities and can hold their own with Thor and the Hulk, that’s a short list, and Danvers tops it.

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