Could ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Be Speeding Towards An Oscar Nomination For Best Picture?

Top Gun: Maverick could be on a highway to an Oscar nom. The critically-acclaimed sequel to the 1980s classic has been crushing it at the box office, where it’s already circled back for another flyby, and now, the Tom Cruise film is cleaning up on the awards circuit. Top Gun: Maverick just barrel rolled into a Best Film win from the National Board of Review, who also awarded the Joseph Kominski film with Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography.

Could Top Gun: Maverick be on its way to Oscar gold? Quite possibly. If the film continues to lock down accolades heading into awards season that’s usually a good sign that an Oscar nom is on the way. Not always, but the odds are in Cruise’s favor. The sequel has been an overwhelming success with both critics and audiences who not only flocked to see it in the theater several times, but also rocketed Maverick to success on the digital video charts. The film is also set for a Paramount+ release just in time for the holidays where it will almost definitely shatter streaming records.

Of course, the film’s biggest success is getting co-star Glen Powell onto the coveted Tom Cruise Christmas Cake list. Sure, being in one of the year’s top pictures that’s got a clean shot at an Oscar is neat, but joining the elite ranks of cake recipients is the real action. Is an Oscar made with white chocolate, coconut, and an ornate box wrapped by Tom Cruise’s assistant? No. No, it is not.

(Via The Wrap)