‘Transformers: Age Of Extinction’ Dominates The Razzie Nominations

Transformers: Age of Extinction dominated the worldwide box office and serves as further proof Americans have better taste in movies than the rest of the planet. And Paramount’s awards campaigning has paid off, or possibly backfired, since Trans4mers now has seven Razzie nominations.

The Transformers had some pretty tough competition to beat out. Kirk Cameron’s attempt at filmic autofellatio Saving Christmas and the shoddier of 2014’s two half-assed Hercules movies, The Legend of Hercules, came close with six nominations apiece. But the robots in disguise beat them out, with seven nominations for worst picture, worst sequel, worst screenplay, worst director, worst screen pairing, worst supporting actress (Nicola Peltz, surely the Maria Pitillo of the 21st century), and worst supporting actor. Although that last isn’t really fair since Kelsey Grammer got nominated for the four movies he was in this year.

We doubt Michael Bay will be showing up to collect any of his film’s richly deserved awards, or the ones Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles might receive. And that’s probably for the best, especially if the rumors are true and his attempt to flee the franchise has ended with him gearing up to make the next one. Really, it’s hard to think of a worse punishment.