Will Smith Reportedly Still Hasn’t Apologized To Chris Rock, In Case Anyone Was Wondering

In a move comparable to Jared Leto, Will Smith is allegedly on a “spiritual tour” instead of owning up to his actions at the Oscars. According to People, Smith arrived at a private airport in India this weekend, where he traveled “for spiritual purposes, to practice yoga and meditation.”

While Smith has apologized in a statement on March 27th, he allegedly has yet to reach out to Chris Rock personally to apologize for the whole thing that we all know about and don’t have to discuss further (also known as The Slap).

According to Page Six, Smith’s Hollywood peers aren’t thrilled with his choices, since he has yet to personally apologize to Rock. “Will’s ‘spiritual journey’ to India for yoga and meditation seems cynical and ridiculous, given that he hasn’t apologized personally to the one person he assaulted in front of millions.” Rock has remained relatively quiet since the ordeal, continuing his stand-up comedy tour, but not mentioning the slap.

The ordeal has caused a ripple effect across Hollywood, causing a divide between the millionaires of Hollywood, with some firmly on Smith’s side, and others upset with his actions. Meanwhile, the best actors in Hollywood don’t care at all. In his statement, Smith said his actions were “shocking, painful and inexcusable.”

Smith has since resigned from the Academy, and he has been banned from The Oscars for the next decade.