Meet The 10-Year-Old Rapper Who Hangs With Birdman And Young Thug

You aren’t imagining it. The kids really are cooler than you.

Well, this 10-year-old rapper who has found his way into Young Thug and Birdman’s inner circle is. His name is Corey J a.k.a. Lil C-Note and when his isn’t busy rapping about 10-year-old concerns (crayons and chores, mostly), he’s hanging around with our favorite rapper of the year.

He even has a secret handshake living embodiment of a snake emoji, non-actual snake division Birdman. Check it out below.

And he’s seeing some measure of success, as denoted in this Instagram clip by a handful of 20s and the requisite young rapper hoverboard.

Maybe this is where it’s all heading. When you have kids like Lil Yachty and Kodak Black breaking before their 20th birthday, it only makes sense that someone’s going to try and come in after them and do it quicker. And if you have the connections that Corey J. clearly has, you would be foolish not to try and use them to make a bit of a name for yourself.

Before anyone gets irrationally angry at a pre-teen, it’s worth pointing out that Corey is trying to use his little bit of fame for good. Other than giving his baby sis a stack of money, he’s donating $10K throughout the month of December to communities in need throughout the south.

(Via Pigeons & Planes)