21 Savage Refused To Take Sides In Drake And Metro Boomin’s Beef And Thinks They’ll ‘Figure It Out Eventually’

Poor 21 Savage. Caught in the middle of the beef between two of his closest collaborators, Drake and Metro Boomin, the rising Atlanta trap star expressed his hope for peace. During an Instagram Live session with fans while on his American Dream Tour, 21 shared his thoughts on the simmering tension between his two friends and his optimism for the future (no pun intended).

“Don’t keep coming on to my motherf*cking Live talking about no motherf*cking beef,” he told his fans. “Metro my brother and Drake my brother. Those n****s going to figure that sh*t out eventually.”

Fans first sensed that Drake and Metro might be on shaky terms late last year, after Metro voiced his frustrations with the reception of Drake and Savage’s collaborative album in comparison to his own on year-end lists. “Her Loss still keeps winning rap album of the year over [Heroes & Villains],” he wrote. “Proof that awards shows are just politics and not for me.”

Drake needled the producer a couple of times after that, but the tension broke into open warfare with the release of the Future & Metro Boomin album, We Don’t Trust You, which contained an incendiary verse from Kendrick Lamar and kicked off Drake and Kendrick’s increasingly vitriolic back-and-forth.

A splinter conflict between Drake and Metro emerged as a result of Drake’s “Push Ups” taunt for Metro to “shut the f*ck up and make some drums,” resulting in Metro crafting the “BBL Drizzy” instrumental. For all the ruckus, though, Drake appears to have thrown in the towel on his beef with Kendrick, which could mean an end to his similar one with Metro — although fans are still having a field day with the “BBL Drizzy” memes.