21 Savage And Chris Rock Play ‘True Confessions’ With Jimmy Fallon

With the Saw spin-off Spiral: From The Book Of Saw coming out over the weekend, it was only right that the guests on last night’s episode of The Tonight Show would be the film’s star Chris Rock and the executive producer of the film’s soundtrack, 21 Savage. Given the film’s gory, film noir style, host Jimmy Fallon decided to play detective himself, inviting Rock and Savage to play a game of “True Confessions.”

Giving each of the stars two envelopes containing “confessions,” one true and one false, Fallon challenged them to interrogate each other to determine which was the true one. The shy 21 turned out to be the most game — and credulous — when he instantly believes Chris’ first confession (“I’ve shared a joint with Woody Harrelson on top of the Empire State Building”) is true, no questions asked. This prompts some hilarious commentary from the comedian, naturally, but Savage holds fast.

Jimmy’s confession turns out to be about him dating Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen — which 21 believes again, despite not knowing who Gisele is. Seriously, deal me in at his poker table, I’m bluffing him every time and taking ALL his money. Savage’s confession involves getting his pilot’s license and wanting to be in the Air Force. I won’t spoil it for you but it’s great TV. To check out something Savage is good at, check out his raps on “Emergency” and Young Nudy’s “Child’s Play.”

Watch 21 Savage and Chris Rock face-off with Jimmy Fallon above.