21 Savage’s Manager Reveals He Accepts No Less Than Six Figures For A Feature

Some fans were shocked over the summer when Lil Baby said he will only agree to feature on a song if he’s offered $100,000. It may seem like a lot of money, but according to 21 Savage‘s manager, it’s actually a pretty standard rate for big-name rappers.

Savage’s manager Meezy recently took to Twitter to share his client’s feature rate. Meezy’s intention was to curb lesser-known artists from sliding into his DMs and asking Savage to hop on a track. In order to get Savage to agree to a feature, a musician has to be willing to shell out. “Dawg a 21 Savage feature is 6 FIGURES,” Meezy wrote. “y’all gotta stop wit da ‘check ya dm bra u playin.'”

Meezy revealing that Savage accepts no less than six figures for a verse shows just how far the rapper has come in his career. When he was just starting out, he asked T.I. to sign him for $1 million — but Tip turned him down. Tip recently recounted the events on his ExpediTIously podcast, saying he advised Savage to instead accept a deal that let him keep the rights to his music. “I had the same conversation with Thug,” Tip said. “If I give you a $1 million, I’m going to take 10 times as much because that’s just the way the game goes. If you want to maintain ownership of your art and equity in your art, you need to go through those tough times in the beginning.” He added, “Can’t accept upfront money and cushion your blow. You have to go ahead and get it out the mud the same way you do anything else.”