50 Cent Says Eminem Will Stop His Whole Day To Send Him ‘Random’ Texts

50 Cent and Eminem have a near-20-year friendship that has spanned rap beefs, business partnerships, musical collaborations, and several film and TV roles for both men. In a new interview for his website ThisIs50.com, 50 Cent details one of the more unusual aspects of that friendship: The sometimes bizarre and “random” content of their text conversations. 50 says the two maintain a regular correspondence but that he’s often nonplussed by the contents of Em’s messages for him.

By way of example, he pulls out his phone to read the last text Em sent him: “He texted me and he was like, ‘When you gone fly me out private so I can land on that dick? Oh, so you on some other sh*t,'” he reads bemusedly. Of course, Em is actually referring to one of 50’s lines from the recently-released Pop Smoke single “The Woo” with Roddy Ricch, which finds 50 describing a question from a paramour. However, he says these sorts of messages make his day because it lets him know that Em will “stop doing what he’s doing to send me that. That sh*t makes my day on a whole other level. I’ll always have love for him. That’s my guy.”

Watch the full interview above.