50 Cent Would Rather Battle Snoop Dogg Than Ja Rule On ‘Verzuz’

After it was suggested that longtime rivals 50 Cent and Ja Rule finally hash out their differences with a Verzuz livestream, 50 Cent demurred. He recently countered with his own preference for a battle opponent during an interview with Los Angeles radio’s Big Boy. During a video chat interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, 50 offered that his Queens, New York cohort would make for a lopsided battle, suggesting that he trade hit songs with Long Beach legend Snoop Dogg instead, saying, “It would make more sense catalog wise… we could compete every step of the way.”

Of course, 50 being 50, he couldn’t quite resist getting in a few digs at his old enemy. “Ja Rule? He got like five, six good duets,” he sneered. “The hit records are all him and Jennifer Lopez, him and Mary J. Blige, him and Ashanti. Him and … a woman, a female. All the records. He got one hit song by himself, ‘Holla Holla.’”

Intriguingly one of 50’s biggest hits is a duet with Snoop Dogg: “P.I.M.P.,” the fourth single from 50’s debut album Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. Snoop was featured on the remix and in the song’s video as the leader of the P.I.M.P. Legion of Doom. Maybe they could flip a coin or play rock-paper-scissors to determine which of them gets to play it.

Meanwhile, Ja Rule himself, who had already walked back his invitation to battle 50, expressed his opinion about 50’s choice in a comment under the post on Big Boy’s Neighborhood‘s Instagram profile. “He don’t want that pressure,” he jabbed. “Snoop out ya league bra!”


Watch 50’s interview with Big Boy above.