Seven DMX Singles Were Certifed Gold Or Platinum This Week

Although DMX has long been one of hip-hop’s best-selling artists — see: his five consecutive No. 1 album debuts on the Billboard 200 and the near-ubiquity of singles like “Party Up” and “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” — many of his most recognizable singles were only certified gold or platinum by the RIAA this week, nearly two months after his death in early April.

The certified songs include “How It’s Goin’ Down” (gold), the aforementioned “Party Up” (platinum), “Ruff Ryders Anthem” (platinum), “What These B*tches Want” featuring Sisqo (gold), “What’s My Name” (gold), “Where The Hood At” (platinum), and “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” (platinum).

For those wondering why these seven songs were only recently certified when some — like “X Gon’ Give It To Ya,” which shipped and/or sold over a million copies in 2017 — surpassed their respective certification thresholds years ago. Fortunately, DJ Booth’s Brian Zisook explained the phenomenon, which he called the result of “a combination of laziness and cost.”

“Labels often will wait until there is a ton of eligible records and they apply for certifications in bulk and then use the number as fodder for coverage,” he explained. “These 7 records didn’t all just become eligible at once.” In a separate tweet, he elaborated that, “Artists will often ask or remind their labels to apply for them on their behalf” sometime after their eligibility — which, in X’s case, couldn’t have been the highest priority (in 2017, he was on trial for tax fraud, spending nearly a year in prison as a result and spending time in and out of rehab).

However, with X’s posthumous album, Exodus, dropping this Friday, there was perhaps no more opportune time for Def Jam to file for certifications — even if it is in semi-bad taste. You can check out one of the first songs released from the album, the Griselda-featuring “Hood Blues,” now.