Aminé Performs ‘Woodlawn’ And ‘Burden’ From A Hot Air Balloon On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

With the live music industry still largely on pause due to the pandemic, artists have been forced to get creative about live performances celebrating recent releases. Phoebe Bridgers, for example, graced late night television with a performance recorded from her bathtub. Aminé, who continues to promote his sophomore record Limbo, also had an unconventional ideas for his live sets. Rather than tour behind his release, the rapper hosted a live performance of his album’s entirety on YouTube and for his Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance, the rapper took his music to new heights.

Instead of giving renditions of his music from his home, like many musicians have done in the past few months, Aminé filmed himself in a hot air balloon. Kicking off his Jimmy Kimmel Live! set with his track “Woodlawn,” the rapper gently floated over clear California skies from a patchwork hot air balloon. The balloon itself was an integral part of his set, stitched together from an array of flags from several countries.

After finishing off his “Woodlawn” rendition, Aminé once again arrived on solid ground to perform another Limbo track, “Burden.” This time, the rapper appeared inside the hot air balloon’s deflated interior and elected to cut the song short by several verses.

Watch Aminé perform from a hot air ballon on Jimmy Kimmel Live! above. Limbo is out now via Republic. Order it here.