Andrew W.K. Played A One Million Volt Keyboard That Electrocuted David Blaine

Sounds like a Family Guy “like the time I…” tangent, but nope, it actually happened: as part of magician David Blaine’s latest stunt that sounds cooler than it actually is, Andrew W.K. played a keyboard attired up to Tesla coils that sent one million-volt electric shocks to Blane, which is a lot cooler than it sounds. Via Stereogum:

As part of Blaine’s “Electrified” stunt — in which the magician stands in a giant globe and is electrocuted for three straight days without sleep, food, or rest — [W.K.] played a keyboard rigged up to those Tesla Coils, presumably because just watching some dude flick a switch lacked a showman’s flair. (Via)

The ILLUSION itself isn’t very impressive, but it’s fun seeing W.K. going absolutely nuts while playing the keyboard. You might even say he partied not soft.

(Via Stereogum)