Ariana Grande Ventures Into Outer Space For Her New Album

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Ariana Grande has been quite obsessed with the moon, and moonlight in particular, recently. Some may have assumed that she had perhaps become a lycanthrope, or, in the more common parlance, a werewolf. However, it turns out it was all just pimping her new album. MTV news reports have confirmed that Moonlight will be the name of Grande’s new album, as well as a song on the album.

There have been a lot of clues dropped along the way, including the fact that “moonlight” has been the entirety of her Twitter bio for a while. That alone would mean that you wouldn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out that moonlight was part of her new “image” or what have you. She’s also been tweeting about the moon and moonlight a bunch, and got herself a tattoo of a crescent moon.

This will be the 21-year-old singer’s third album. We will still have to wait to find out just how deep the moon motif goes beyond the album title and the song which will presumably be a single. Until then, you can check out her cover of Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over” that she did while with Miley Cyrus while wearing a mouse onesie. Mice don’t really have anything to do with the moon, but Grande can’t be on brand all the time.

(Via MTV)