Armani Caesar Balances Rugged Rhymes And Romance In Her ‘Palm Angels’ Video

On her standout Griselda Records debut The Liz, Buffalo, New York rapper Armani Caesar strikes a keen balance between the group’s usual gritty posture and her own, sex-positive style of girl-power rap. In the video for her new single from the album “Palm Angels,” she visualizes that balance with a husky-voiced narrative that juggles crime and romance with sensual imagery to match. Scenes in the video alternate from Armani donning a ski mask and flashing money with her paramour and the rapper flaunting her designer lingerie in an ode to classic rap vixens past.

Armani broke down the dichotomy of her half-rugged, half-romantic rap style in an interview with Uproxx, explaining: “I wanted it to be like the ideal female rapper that you can get everything from because I don’t feel like any one female is one thing. I feel like you do have females that are very brash and bossed up, and sometimes they on their City Girl shit, sometimes they on their backpack shit. They want to be the one with the power, however, they want to give it up, but I just felt like I’m a one-stop-shop.”

The Liz is out now on Griselda Records.

Watch Armani Caesar’s “Palm Angels” video above.