ASAP Ferg And MadeinTYO Get Braggadocios Over An Extraterrestrial Rhythm On ‘Wam’

The last we heard from ASAP Ferg was his 2017 mixtape Still Striving, but he recently announced that its follow-up, the Floor Seats EP, will be out soon. He recently released a version of “Wigs” featuring Asian Da Brat, and now he’s back with another new track, “WAM,” which features MadeinTYO. The song begins with some abstract sci-fi-style sounds before they fall into a hard-hitting rhythm, over which Ferg and MadeinTYO rap about their success.

Ferg said of the song, “‘WAM’ brings back memories of summertime in Harlem and reminiscing about my accomplishments and celebrating all my wins.”

Ferg recently spoke about the meaning behind Floor Seats, saying, “I’m just giving you all a peek, door ain’t even open yet. The window is open, I’m just giving you all a little air right now, but the door’s about to get slammed open, and it’s going to be so much new music, so much new visuals. I’ve got a whole project done, and finished, and I’m about to unleash. You know, it’s going to be crazy, July is looking very nice to release some things. It’s called Floor Seats. It’s the floor seats to my life. A lot of people, they see artists and famous people sitting on the floor, but they don’t know what it’s like, they don’t know what the VIP access is like, and that’s what I’m giving people on this album, is the VIP access to my life.”

Listen to “Wam” above.