Ashnikko And Princess Nokia Bring The Renaissance Fair To A Whole New Level In The ‘Slumber Party’ Video

Ashnikko has been on a tear ever since her stint opening for Danny Brown put her on the map in the underground rap world, and the release of her Demidevil album at the top was diverse enough to put her on our 2021 Rising Pop Stars To Watch list, too. She’s as versatile as they come, perhaps best illustrated on her Birds Of Prey soundtrack co-write, Doja Cat’s “Boss Bitch” (Which shares a name with a song she features on off Brooke Candy’s 2019 album that I highly recommend).

Despite her obvious skill in writing songs for other artists, though, today she’s back to promoting songs off her own Demidevil, sharing the video for the Princess Nokia-featuring “Slumber Party,” a raucous affair that finds Ashnikko quite literally stealing your girl. Dressed in a deconstructed renaissance fair style of corsets and flowy hair, the two women playfully subvert heteronormative ideas about innocent slumber parties with a decidedly sexual, queered account of what might happen between the two of them. As each frame of the painting comes to life, eventually the women are dancing through their explicit lyrics together, as sex toys and almost-make-out-moments abound. Check out the NSFW video above, and keep an eye out for more from Ashnikko.