Baby Keem Adds New Songs To ‘The Melodic Blue’ Including A Brent Faiyaz Feature

It looks like Baby Keem is taking a page from Kanye West’s playbook, adding new songs to his album The Melodic Blue after its release. When the project originally dropped two weeks ago, fans noticed a pair of songs from the rollout missing: “Hooligan” and “No Sense,” two tracks released as singles before the album was officially announced. Today, Keem announced that he’d added them back onto the album, along with a new song, “Lost Souls” featuring R&B singer Brent Faiyaz. The three new tracks appear as a “Disc 2” on the reissue, which is notably not identified as a deluxe edition.

In addition to those singles, Keem also dropped “Durag Activity” featuring Travis Scott, and “Family Ties” featuring his cousin Kendrick Lamar. Both songs did appear on the original tracklist along with “Issues,” for which he dropped a video alongside the album, and “First Order Of Business,” which he dropped a few days later.

While releasing deluxe editions of rap albums a few months or even days after their initial release has become old hat, it’s notable that Keem isn’t calling this a deluxe. Kanye West did something similar with the release of his new album Donda, adding several tracks from his first two listening sessions back to the project.

The Melodic Blue is out now via PgLang and Columbia Records. Get it here.