Baby Keem Buys His Grandmother A House In The Reflective ‘First Order Of Business’ Video

Just a few days removed from the release of his debut album, The Melodic Blue, Las Vegas rapper Baby Keem has released the music video for its latest single “First Order Of Business.” Opening on a shot of Keem sitting solo in a sparsely decorated living room, the rapper is asked what his favorite trait in a woman is. “Loyalty, off the top,” he answers. Then he reveals that his “first order of business” upon making his first million dollars went toward buying his grandmother a house. From there, the video actually portrays the event in question, as well as views of Keem cuddling with a female companion and racing a Porche through the desert.

The Melodic Blue dropped Friday after a lengthy building that increased expectations and excitement with each new single release. In a rollout as smooth as just about any seen for a hotly-tabbed new artist like Keem (a 2020 XXL Freshman with a blood relation to rap royalty), Keem dropped videos for “Durag Activity” featuring Travis Scott and “Family Ties” featuring his cousin Kendrick Lamar, then debuted the final pre-release single “Issues” on The Tonight Show before releasing a similarly-themed video the night the album came out.

Watch Baby Keem’s “First Order Of Business” video above.

The Melodic Blue is out now via Columbia Records. Get it here.